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O U R   T E A M


M K E  -  N Y C  -  L A  -  W A

       originally from Milwaukee, WI

       Amanda has spent the past

       ten years in New York and

       Los Angeles, and couldn’t be

       happier to call Tacoma home. 

I N   N E W   Y O R K

       Amanda worked in Theatre and Film

       in various capacities; as an actor 

       developing new works, a collaborator

       and producer in devised pieces, and

       a production coordinator for training

       studios and leading entertainment


I N   L O S   A N G E L E S

       Amanda worked as a recruiting

       coordinator at Tinder, focusing on

       recruitment, inclusion-based partnerships,

       employer branding, and the software

       engineering internship program.


       she serves as a copywriter and editor

       for ArtsEd Washington, and writes

       and performs independently in the

       greater Seattle area.


Amanda loves the arts, collaboration, and getting things done.

Amanda Ebert - Director of Production
Amanda Headshot.jpg
Nathan Hamer - Creative Director
Nathan's Headshot.png

P N W  <3  U S A

       originally hailing from Mount Vernon, WA

       Nathan is passionate about the culture and

       natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

       he is a multi-disciplinary artist who has

       traveled the country writing and filming

       independent films, promotional content,

       and music videos.


F O R   T H E   L A S T   S I X   Y E A R S 

       Nathan has toured all over the US as a

       musician with the band Kuinka,

       composing original music, and

       conceptualizing and directing

       music videos that have been

       featured on NPR, Paste Magazine and

       various festivals and publications.

J A C K   O F   A L L   T R A D E S

       a skilled writer, composer, editor,

       and director, Nathan’s entire life has

       been devoted to telling evocative stories

       through film.

A S   C R E A T I V E   D I R E C T O R 

       he brings a unique vision and a

       wealth of experience to the table

       from a variety of arts and

       business disciplines.


Nathan loves details, Washington, and creating one-of-a-kind work.

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